Lightning protection grounding in network room


Lightning protection grounding in network room


1. Why do lightning protection grounding?


Computers and networks are more and more deeply embedded in people's lives and work, and it also heralds the advent of the digital and information age. The widespread application of these microelectronic network devices makes the issue of lightning protection more and more important. Due to the high density, high speed, low voltage, and low power consumption of microelectronic devices, they are very sensitive to various electromagnetic disturbances such as lightning overvoltage, power system operating overvoltage, electrostatic discharge, and electromagnetic radiation. If the protective measures are insufficient, heavy losses may be incurred anytime, anywhere.


Second, the necessity of lightning protection in the computer room


Lightning strikes can produce different forms of damage. The International Electrotechnical Commission has called lightning disasters "a major public nuisance in the electronic age". Instantaneous overvoltages such as lightning strikes, induced lightning strikes, and power spikes have become the main culprit in destroying electronic equipment. From the analysis of a large number of lightning strikes of communication equipment, experts believe that: the lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) caused by lightning induction and lightning wave intrusion is the main cause of equipment damage in the computer room. The precautionary principle adopted for this purpose is "overall defense, comprehensive management, and multiple protection". Strive to minimize the harm it produces.


3. Design of lightning protection and grounding system in computer room


The lightning protection grounding system is an important subsystem for the protection of weak current precision equipment and equipment rooms, which mainly ensures the high reliability of the equipment and prevents the harm of lightning. The central computer room is a place with very high equipment value. Once a lightning strike occurs, it will cause incalculable economic losses and social impacts. According to the relevant provisions of the IEC61024-1-1 standard, the lightning protection level of the central computer room should be classified as Class II Standard design.



At present, the main power distribution room of the building provides the first-level lightning protection according to the building lightning protection design specification. Therefore, the second and third-level composite lightning protection devices are equipped in front of the mains power distribution cabinet in the computer room of the network center of this project.


The surge protector adopts an independent module and should have a failure alarm indication. When a module is struck by lightning and fails, the module can be replaced alone without replacing the entire surge protector.


The main parameters and indicators of the secondary and tertiary composite lightning arrester: single-phase flow: ≥40KA (8/20μs), response time: ≤25ns