How to prevent lightning indoors


How to prevent lightning indoors


1. Turn off the TV and computer immediately, and be careful not to use the outdoor antenna of the TV, because once the lightning strikes the antenna of the TV, the lightning will enter the room along the cable, threatening the safety of electrical appliances and personal safety.


2. Turn off all kinds of household appliances as much as possible, and unplug all power plugs to prevent lightning from invading the power line, causing fire or electric shock casualties.


3. Do not touch or approach metal water pipes and the upper and lower water pipes connected to the roof, and do not stand under electric lights. Try not to use telephones and mobile phones to prevent the intrusion of lightning waves along the communication signal line and cause danger.


4. Close the doors and windows. During thunderstorms, do not open windows, and do not stick your head or hands out of the windows.


5. Do not participate in sports activities outdoors, such as running, playing ball, swimming, etc.


6. It is not advisable to use a shower to shower. This is mainly because if the building is directly struck by lightning, the huge lightning current will flow into the ground along the outer wall of the building and the water supply pipeline. At the same time, do not touch metal pipes such as water pipes and gas pipes.