Lightning Protection Design Ideas for Network Computer Room


Lightning Protection Design Ideas for Network Computer Room


Because the network integration system has many protection points and wide areas, in order to protect buildings and electronic network equipment in all directions from lightning damage or minimize lightning strike damage, lightning protection solutions should be carried out from the perspective of overall lightning protection. the design of. Comprehensive lightning protection is now adopted. The comprehensive lightning protection design scheme should include two aspects: the protection of direct lightning strike and the protection of induction lightning. The lack of any one aspect is incomplete, defective and potentially dangerous.


1. Protection against direct lightning strikes

If there is no direct lightning protection, according to the estimation of IEC1312, almost all lightning current flows into the equipment through the conductor-type lines (such as power lines, signal lines, etc.) entering and leaving the building, and the damage is very serious. Therefore, direct lightning protection should be done. It is the premise of induction lightning protection; direct lightning protection is designed and constructed in accordance with the "Lightning Protection Design Code for Buildings", mainly using lightning rods, nets, wires, belts and a good grounding system, the purpose is to protect the exterior of the building from lightning damage. , to provide a relatively safe environment for people or equipment in the building.


2. Protection of power system

Statistics show that more than 80% of the lightning accidents in the microelectronic network system are caused by the lightning impulse overvoltage induced on the power line connected to the system. Therefore, the protection of the power cord is a part that cannot be ignored in the overall lightning protection. It is recommended to install a Thor surge protector.


3. Protection of signal system

Although lightning protection devices are installed on external incoming lines such as power supply and communication lines, due to the overvoltage induced by lightning strikes on network lines (such as twisted pair lines), it will still affect the normal operation of the network, or even completely destroy the network system. When lightning strikes, a huge transient magnetic field is generated, and metal lines within 1 km, such as network metal connections, will induce extremely strong inductive lightning strikes; When the ground wire system discharges a lightning strike, a strong transient current is generated. For the network transmission line, the induced overvoltage is enough to destroy the network at one time. Even if it is not a particularly high overvoltage, it cannot destroy the equipment at one time, but each overvoltage impact accelerates the aging of the network equipment, affects the transmission and storage of data, and even crashes until it is completely damaged. Therefore, the lightning protection of the network signal line is a very important link for the overall lightning protection of the network integration system. It is recommended to install a Thor network lightning arrester.


4. Equipotential bonding

The central computer room where the backbone switches of the integrated network system are located should be equipped with a pressure equalizing ring to electrically connect all metal objects in the computer room, including cable shielding layers, metal pipes, metal doors and windows, equipment shells, and all metal pipes entering and leaving the building. Connect to the equalizing ring to equalize the potential.


5. Ground

The use of joint grounding in the computer room can effectively solve the impact of the rising ground potential, and a qualified grounding grid is the key to effective lightning protection. The joint grounding network of the computer room is usually composed of the building foundation (including ground piles), annular grounding (body) device, and working (power transformer) grounding network. For the lightning protection of sensitive data communication equipment, whether the grounding system is good or not is directly related to the effect and quality of lightning protection. If the grounding grid does not meet the requirements, the conditions of the grounding grid should be improved, the area of ​​the grounding grid should be appropriately expanded and the structure of the grounding grid should be improved, so that the lightning current can be discharged as soon as possible, and the holding time of the high overvoltage caused by the lightning current should be shortened to meet the lightning protection requirements.