How to protect against lightning outdoors


1. Quickly hide in buildings protected by lightning protection facilities. A car is an ideal place to avoid lightning strikes.


2. It should be kept away from sharp and isolated objects such as trees, telephone poles, chimneys, etc., and it is not advisable to enter isolated sheds and sentry buildings.


3. If you can't find a suitable lightning protection place, you should find a place with low terrain, squat down, put your feet together, and bend your body forward.


4. It is not advisable to use an umbrella in an open field, and it is not advisable to carry metal tools, badminton rackets, golf clubs and other items on your shoulders.


5. It is not advisable to drive a motorcycle or ride a bicycle, and avoid running wildly during thunderstorms.


6. In the unfortunate event of a lightning strike, the companions should call the police for help in time, and do rescue treatment for them at the same time.