TRSX Lightning Protection Box

Lightning Protection Box


Product introduction:
TRSX series power lightning protection box is mainly used for weather, transportation, post and telecommunications,computer  network, power distribution box, residential,  railway and other fields.Power supply prevents thunder B,C,D, are the three levels, according to the IEC (international electrotechnical commission) partition of  lightning protection, multi-level protection theory, class B  belongs  to the first  level  of lightning  protection  lightning protection device, can be applied to building the ark of the main distribution:class C belongs to the second level of lightning protection lightning protection device, applied  to the structure of the shunt power distribution cabinet; D belongs to the third  level of  lightning protection lightning protection device,TRSX lightning protection box effectively restrain the road from the ac power supply cord into the induction lightning waves, and electrostatic damage to protect electrical equipment from lightning strike.
Structure and Principle:

Lightning protection box in parallel to the protected equipment front-end, under the condition of normal operating voltage, power supply lightning protection box in a high impedance state, does not affect the normal work of the circuit. When there is pulse surge line lightning strike, power lightning protection box in the nanosecond time conduction, quickly put the overvoltage of diarrhea in the earth, when the pulse over-voltage  disappears, power lightning protection box and automatic recovery to a high resistance state, does not affect the line power supply.